[B]SKI'S Franchising : Support & Training


From the very start, beginning with the idea of [B]SKI'S, franchising has been at the forefront of the thought process. [B]SKI'S is dedicated to the success of your [B]SKI'S restaurant franchise and is committed to providing you with world-class support and service based on respect, trust, and honesty. [B]SKI'S will rely heavily on its franchise partners and owner/operators to make the system a success. [B]SKI'S is commited to franchising and its success as a predominant way of doing business.

Pre-Opening Development 

  • Streamlined Restaurant Development Process
  • Site Location Assistance and Approval
  • Access to [B]SKI'S Approved Architects, General Contractors, Builders, Equipment Suppliers, and Vendors
  • [B]SKI'S Construction Management Team - "Store in a Box"
  • Site Construction Analysis (Pre-Signing of the Lease)
  • Customized Site Layout Design for Each Location by the [B]SKI'S Franchising Team
  • Construction Project Management Support From the [B]SKI'S Franchising Team
  • Grand Opening Support 

Comprehensive Training

BSKIS Kitchen Crew

  • [B]SKI'S Franchise Partners and their managers receive intensive classroom and on-the-job training for a minimum of 3 weeks.
    • 2 Weeks of Training at the [B]SKI'S Flagship Store in Chapel Hill, NC
    • 10 days of On-Site Training at Your [B]SKI'S Franchised Location (5 days before grand opening and 5 days after)
  • Comprehensive Operations Manuals
  • Training Guides and Manuals
  • Food Prepartion, Training, and Instruction
  • Systems Training and Instruction
  • Accounting & Back of the House Management Training
  • Team Member Position Training - SKI Guide (cashier), SKI Maker (cook), SKI Driver (delivery driver), Leader SKI (shift leader), & Manager / Owner Operator 


[B]SKI'S Marketing Materials

  • Customized Technology Solutions
    • Print Builder - An online asset management tool to provide franchisees with access to system-wide marketing and branding materials with the ability to customize these materials
    • Site Builder - Corporate Website and Individual Franchisee Websites
    • Team Builder Extranet - Electronic Collaboration and Document distribution
  • High Quality Merchandising, Point of Purchase, and Advertising Materials
  • Visits from the [B]SKI'S Franchising Team to Assist in Local Store Marketing Efforts

On-Going Support

  • Visits from the [B]SKI'S Franchising Team and Consultants
  • On-Going Support for Restaurant Franchise Opening and Development
  • Regular Quality Assurance Consultations from the [B]SKI'S Franchising Team
  • Business Review Analysis of Store Sales and Performance vs System-Wide Benchmarks
  • Access to [B]SKI'S Comprehensive Operations and Training Manuals


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