[B]SKI'S Franchising : What is a SKI?

Deconstructing a “SKI”

The signature item of [B]SKI'S, is the SKI. SKIS start with grilling a tortilla and melting your choice of cheese, adding options of steak, grilled chicken, chicken tenders, eggs, bacon, ham, & turkey; tossed with grilled, fresh cut vegetables, covered in mixed dressings and sauces to complete the one of a kind grilled “wrap”. Made to order and made to taste like no other wrap, [B]SKI'S has truly redefined the wrap as most know it! Furthermore, [B]SKI'S hand selects and seasons every ingredient, creating a distinctive taste available nowhere else!


SKI Process

What is This "SKI" Thing All About Anyways?!

By now you’ve realized that the [B]SKI'S name is a bit elusive. And while the name on the door and the main menu item may appear abstract, it originates from a place close to the Founder’s hearts… a nickname given to Bradley years ago, “[B]SKI”.

 BSKIS Wrapped SKISo, when deciding on a name for the product and brand, [B]SKI'S was a perfect fit! It was catchy with the [B] and the SKI, it is memorable, and it always makes people smile! To top it all off, both Bradley’s and Blair’s names start with a “B”, so it just made plain sense… [B]SKI'S was officially born! Without advertising or promotions, Bradley and Blair opened the first [B]SKI'S in a narrow and timeless old-town Chapel Hill location with colossal success!

So, from its humble beginnings, the term SKI now has special meaning for thousands of satisfied diners who know that when they are looking for that special “something” to dine on, nothing beats a hot, made-to-order SKI!

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