[B]SKI'S Franchising : Revenue Streams

Multiple Revenue Streams - Any Way You Want It!

[B]SKI'S doesn't just focus on the SKI and food alone. [B]SKI'S has systems in place to help get the guests their SKIS and other items just about any way they would like. Guests can dine-in, take out, call ahead, have it delivered, or have it catered during lunch, dinner, or even late night!

[B]SKI'S Dine In Icon

Dine In

The atmosphere at [B]SKI'S is designed to keep the guests relaxed, feeling as comfortable as they are at home, and focused on the SKIS!

The decor is warm and homey and gives off the sense of a "home away from home". Pleasant, not too bright lighting, plush carpet, comfortable booths, a single flat panel television to watch the big game on (just like a living room), and we top it all off with a one of kind fireplace!

[B]SKI'S prototype restaurant is 2500 - 3000 square feet and seats from 70 - 90 guests at a time.

[B]SKI'S Take Out IconTake Out & Call Ahead

[B]SKI'S offers the convenience and simplicity of take out. [B]SKI'S wants to make sure that EVERY guests experience is a pleasant and happy one and sometimes the guest just wants to go home!

For guests who feel like they are always on the run, [B]SKI'S also offers Call Ahead orders! The guest can call ahead their order to the store so that their [B]SKI'S meal is waiting for them when they arrive!

[B]SKI'S Deliver Ski IconDeliver SKI

Want to eat out without heading out? Just sit back, relax, and pick up the phone. [B]SKI'S delivers thousands of perfectly prepared and ready to enjoy meals each and every month!


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Cater SKI

[B]SKI'S Cater SKI makes it easy for the guest to [B] GREAT! Whether they are having a meeting, party, or special event, one call to your local [B]SKI'S does it all.

[B]SKI'S offers delicious, fresh, made-to-order choices, including Box-O SKIS, SKI Box Lunches, Fresh Salads, Fresh Cut Fruit, Fresh Baked Cookies, and Beverages!

From order to delivery and set-up, you can count on your [B]SKI'S Cater SKI Team for outstanding service and support. Whether it's for business, family or friends, the guest can count on [B]SKI'S to make it easy!

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Online Ordering

★ ★ ★ COMING SOON ★ ★ ★

[B]SKI'S is currently in development with their mobile and online ordering program.  


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Lunch, Dinner, & Late Night

[B]SKI'S doesn't feel that it should be
difficult for the guest to get a good, hot,
meal - no matter where they're at or what
time it is!

That is why [B]SKI'S is open at lunch, 
dinner, and late night!


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