[B]SKI'S Franchising : The Process


[B]SKI'S Logo1 : Research [B]SKI'S

Make sure to take the time to research [B]SKI'S and the [B]SKI'S Franchising opportunity. Browse through the [B]SKI'S Franchising website, download the free [B]SKI'S Franchising Opportunity Guide, and write down any questions that you may have. 

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When you have researched us online, feel comfortable, and you are interested enough to begin a conversation with us, please click the button:

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[B]SKI'S Phone IconSTEP 1 : Introductory Phone Call

This is the time for you and [B]SKI'S to get to know one another!


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STEP 2 : Program Review & Brand Values Phone Call

We will conduct the [B]SKI'S Franchise program overview and interview to see if there is a mutual match of qualifications, interests, and expectations. 


[B]SKI'S Application IconSTEP 3 : Formal Franchise Application

After your introductory phone call, we will send you the franchise application for consideration. Once you have completed these documents and faxed them back (typically within 5 days), you will move on to the next step in the research process!


[B]SKI'S Phone Icon

STEP 4 : Fact Finding Phone Call

This phone call includes a review of your Formal Franchise Application as well as your goals, dreams, aspirations, and motivations to make sure that you are a good fit for the [B]SKI'S Brand and that we can help you to achieve your goals! 


[B]SKI'S Shipping IconSTEP 5 : Receive Your [B]SKI'S Brand Experience Package & Federal Disclosure Document (FDD)

Get some gear, get some menus, and best of all, get the [B]SKI'S Brand experience while sitting at your home or office! We will also send you the [B]SKI'S Franchise Agreement and the Federal Disclosure Document. You will need to sign, date, and return the receipt page as soon as you get it.


[B]SKI'S Phone Icon

STEP 6 : FDD Talks & Disclosure Review Phone Call

We will take the time to review with you the purpose, benefits and information included in the [B]SKI'S FDD. We will also answer and address your FDD questions while reviewing all key areas.   


[B]SKI'S Flagship Store IconSTEP 7 : Visit the [B]SKI'S Flagship Store

Now that you have researched and understand [B]SKI'S and the [B]SKI'S Franchising opportunity, let's bring you in for a "show and tell"!

We will start with sitting down in our offices (above the restaurant), getting comfortable, and getting to know one another in person. After getting started (and everyone feels more relaxed and less nervous), we will give you the full blown store tour!

We are confident that after taking the time to research and visit [B]SKI'S that you will really like what you see!


[B]SKI'S Pencil IconSTEP 8 : Execute the Agreements

And Begin Looking for Your Location!

When you sign and return the FDD receipt, a 14-day clock starts to tick. The Federal Trade Commision mandates a 2 week waiting period from the time you receive the FDD until you are able to sign and become a [B]SKI'S Franchise Partner. This time period allows for a potential franchisee to make a well informed decision. 

After the 14-day waiting period, we will meet at the [B]SKI'S Flagship store in Chapel Hill, sign the agreements, and celebrate you becoming a part of the [B]SKI'S Team!


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Get our free franchise opportunity guide featuring financial info, industry info, and other details about owning a [B]SKI'S! Our franchise guide is the best way to learn more about the [B]SKI'S Franchise opportunity.

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