[B]SKI'S Franchising : Franchise FAQ's

Common [B]SKI'S FAQ's

What are the average gross sales of a [B]SKI'S?

In 2012, the gross sales of our corporate store in Chapel Hill were $1,253,373.23 *.

How much does a [B]SKI'S franchise cost?

A [B]SKI'S franchise is priced competitively with a franchise fee of $35,000 and an on-going royalty of 6%.

How much will I need to invest?

The estimated initial investment to establish a [B]SKI'S franchise is from $230,500 to $494,500. 

How much profit can I expect from my [B]SKI'S Restaurant?

[B]SKI'S does not disclose the projected profit, or forecast financial results for your business. Unit level performance varies from location to location and many factors influence profitability levels. [B]SKI'S provides an Item 19 disclosure in the Franchise Disclosure Document for your review that highlights [B]SKI'S financial performance representations.

What does my [B]SKI'S investment include?

Your investment includes everything that you will need to get your [B]SKI'S restaurant up and running! This includes the franchise fee of $35,000 as well as the restaurant furnishings, equipment, location build out, inventory, point of sale system, grand opening marketing, three month’s rent, permits, and working capital to open your business. 

[B]SKI'S franchisees will receive a proven brand name and culture, initial and on-going support, comprehensive training, a powerful Micros brand POS system, the Coca-Cola Freestyle beverage system, indispensable marketing services, proprietary recipes, complete training, and a fully equipped store.

What kind of experience do I need to run a successful [B]SKI'S?

We choose only the best people to become [B]SKI'S franchisees. Our franchise partners are commited to quality, consistency, kindness and cleanliness. The [B]SKI'S franchise partners strive to deliver the best guest experience in every restaurant, every time.

[B]SKI'S is seeking single and multi-unit development operators with restaurant experience. The [B]SKI'S Team will provide you with specialized training, proprietary technology, marketing materials and the personnel development assistance to help you succeed as a franchisee.

How much commitment does a [B]SKI'S franchise require?

[B]SKI'S doesn't confer success on anyone. It takes dedication & motivation to [B] successful with one of our restaurants. A total commitment of time, energy, & a desire to [B] the best that you can [B] are the most important elements. You must [B] willing to work hard and dedicate yourself to making your restaurant a success!

Because of the unique demands of a fast casual food franchise, you may find that the first years of ownership require a substantial commitment to your investment. Over time, your [B]SKI'S franchise can be adapted to meet the managerial style you prefer.

Will my [B]SKI'S franchise have a protected territory?

Yes. [B]SKI'S will give you a protected territory for your restaurant.



* From January 1st, 2012 to December 31st, 2012, The Chapel Hill, NC Corporate Location earned $1,253,373.23 in Gross Sales. Further disclosure is detailed in Item 19 of the 2013 [B]SKI'S Franchising Inc. Franchise Disclosure Document dated May 28, 2013.


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