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Welcome to [B]SKI'S

In the heart of downtown Chapel Hill, NC, there is a unique and popular restaurant we call [B]SKI'S.

[B]SKI'S Meal Deal

We are a simple, fun, unimposing place that doesn’t rely on promotions or attention-grabbing sales tactics to promote our food. Neither waiters nor over-the-top décor greet you when you enter, just the rich aroma of quality, unique and healthy made-to-order SKIS (grilled wraps, Soups, Salads, and Sides that we serve quickly, consistently, and with value.

Come join the [B]SKI'S Team for a chance to serve Chapel Hill with integrity and to join a team with real growth potential.

Types of jobs you could find at [B]SKI'S

Restaurant Team Members - (Cashiers, Cooks, Delivery Drivers)

To be a Restaurant Team Member, you need at least a high school education, but you do not need to have prior restaurant experience. Learn as you go. You will become seasoned with food preparation, proper food handling, food safety, customer service, and some management experience. Choose to work a consistent, full or part-time schedule. [B]SKI'S Team Members always pitch in to help their fellow teammates. Team work makes the dream work!

Kitchen Cooks BSKIS

SKI Leaders & Managers (Shift Leaders, Assistant Managers, Managers)

Hard work and determination goes a long way. Even if you do not have restaurant management or even restaurant experience, working as a [B]SKI'S Team Member teaches you how to work as a team to ensure customer satisfaction. Restaurant Team Members who demonstrate a passion to helping their team and learning what it takes to make their restaurant successful will move up quickly to leadership. SKI Leadership is required to oversee Restaurant Team Members while ensuring their [B]SKI'S location is running smoothly and satisfying its customers.

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